Account Terms of Use

Consent for Use of Virtual Visit Webcam System

As the parent/legal guardian of an child in the ICU at Phoenix Children’s Hospital (PCH) I hereby give my permission and authorize PCH to activate a Virtual Visit webcam system, which will be located above my child’s hospital bed, so that I can view my child during his or her hospital stay.

I understand the following about the use of the Virtual Visit webcam system:

Expiration Date - This Consent expires when my child is discharged from PCH.
Withdrawal of Consent - I understand that I may revoke this Consent at any time.
Release of Liability – I agree that PCH and its staff are hereby released from all legal responsibility and liability for the access and release of my information to the extent indicated and authorized herein.
Re-Disclosure – I understand that once the above-described information is disclosed, it may no longer be protected by privacy laws.

I am not required to accept this Consent. My refusal to accept this Consent will not deny treatment for my child, and PCH will not condition treatment, payment, enrollment or eligibility for benefits on my accepting this Consent. However, no access to the Virtual Visit webcam will be permitted unless I accept this Consent.